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M-24 Disco Ball, Party Light, Strobe Lights, Disco Light and so much more- LED Party Lights for any occasion.

If you can’t have laser light for party, use our disco light bulb instead-  A rotating orb of color and light can bring excitement and a party ambiance to any room, big or small-  Why have a mirror ball when you can have party lights?

Fits any USB port with a gooseneck stem -almost 8 inches long- so that you can aim it where you need it most-  AND as an added feature, just press the button and a clear and bright independent LED shines forth as a reading light

Not like other disco balls or rave lights but a disco party packed into a small orb - 3 ½ inches in diameter- and powered by LED and a USB port

PLUG IT IN: to a speaker, computer or laptop, anything that has a USB port- At 120gr, it is lightweight and you can take it anywhere you need a disco ball lights up any room or occasion with multi-colored light- Party lights or DJ disco lights, this little marvel can be used as a desk lamp or night light and then start the party as a disco orb


Bring Disco into the 21st Century. So much fun and excitement it could almost be considered illegal to use. Our disco ball rotates with flashes of color.  LED keeps this party orb from getting hot, and with the push of a button, it becomes a reading or spot light, perfect to spin the next platter or turn a simple room into a ballroom.

With the USB connection it is ready to Plug and Play, use as a stage light and it is applicable with all USB interfaces and a variety of digital products.

At 7.8inches and the orb at 3.5inches in diameter, this disco inducing dramatic