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M200 - 2-Wireless and Bluetooth Microphones, Karaoke Speaker, Portable PA System with ,

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sylvia

I am a Mary Kay Grand Achiever, and I use this system at my consultant's meetings and promotions. I won't leave home without it. Does it come in Pink?


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Nancy B

How did I live without this unit?  It is so portable I use it for church and family gatherings.  We have Karaoke night at home and my neighbor barrowed it for her daughter's wedding reception!  Great volume, but I draw the line when the kids want to use it in the car.



 🎤   Karaoke, small meetings or sophisticated PA systems, these two wireless, Bluetooth microphones are all you need.  The base unit has two 10-watt speakers and a woofer for crystal clear and dynamic sound.  Receive music from your smartphone via Bluetooth or use the USB Port for a MP3 Player stick.

🏏  The enclosed AUX Cable will connect with any equipment that has an AUX port.  Your car can become a Karaoke Carpool event.  Large or small PA Systems can be accessed and you can run sound into the base unit to amp up the music.  With Bluetooth or MP3 Player, you can play your favorite music.

🔊  High quality materials makes this unit not only sound good, it is durable.  Made of Aluminum Alloy with a woven steel microphone guard and advanced digital circuitry, the Large Dynamic microphones and speakers will deliver where others have failed.

🔈  Use the Base as an amplifier: Just plug in any device via the AUX Cable Port or Bluetooth to boost up the sound of any device.  The base unit can be used without the MICs.

📶 Easy to use with easy to read instructions.  A Remote Control allows you to custom fit your message to your audience or have someone act as a sound manager.  Professional results in a compact size.  Rechargeable battery in the base unit and two AA Batteries in each microphone and a 3V battery in the remote.

💼 Hard sided carrying case which has a form fitting place for each component, perfect for traveling or storage.



  • Two 10 Watt, 2 Channel HiFi Bluetooth Speakers
  • Large Dynamic MIC head of the highest quality 
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • AUX Cable for extra volume and versatility
  • Highly efficient rechargeable battery in the BASE Unit – 4-6hours of singing on a single 1-6 hour charge. Depending on battery charge and volume of MICs
  • Two AA non-rechargeable batteries in each MIC handset, 1 - 3V battery in the Remote.  One rechargeable battery in the base.
  •  Clear HiFi Sound
  • Charging time: 1-6 hours Depending on battery charge level   Using Time: 1-6 hours    Depending on Volume     
  • Easy Light Display
  • C-Type Charger Cable
  • Channels:  A-20   B-20
  • 10M or 32 feet MAX from MIC to Base
  • Our Base Unit CANNOT be connected to a Bluetooth Speaker System via Bluetooth.  To connect the Base to an external speaker or PA System, YOU MUST connect with an AUX Cable [included].  You can connect to our Base Unit via Bluetooth from a SmartPhone or MP3 Memory Stick.